Kuenstler der Galerie Rueckblick

The gallery was established in Graz by Gabriella and Alexander Bleich-Rossi on December 4th, 1982 and is regarded as “the pioneer of the new gallery-scene in Graz” (Styrian Window). After her husband’s passing in 1994 Gabriella Bleich-Rossi carried on the gallery. In January 2005 she decided to accept an invitation from the Viennese gallery owner Christine König to present the Bleich-Rossi programme in König’s premises in Schleifmühlgasse. In the beginning of 2006 Gabriella Bleich-Rossi moves into the new gallery location in Dominikanerbastei 19.

Since 25 years the gallery passionately pursues the continuous debate on contemporary Austrian and international art.

Gabriella Bleich-Rossi was always faithful to the gallery’s programme. Furthermore, she put an emphasis on showing the artists who succeed the “generation” of Anzinger, Bohatsch, Brus, Kippenberger, Krebber, Oehlen Schmalix, Schlick etc. She fosters new talents like Ramesch Daha, Merlin Carpenter, Andreas Hofer, Kalin Lindena, Anna Fasshauer and Mischa Reska, exhibiting them in Austria as well as on international art-fairs.